What about Teeth Grinding?

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Teeth grinding happens to basically everyone. Some grind teeth a lot, and some hardly any. But, pretty much everyone at one time or an other, grind their teeth at night.

Now, parents can hear their little children grinding teeth when they're sleeping. To moms, it is the worst thing to hear. Ooh, that screeching grinding horrible sound. If you have children, then you probably know what I'm talking about.

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Don't worry about the little ones that grind, most kids do it. Yes, grinding will wear down their teeth a bit, and yes, rarely kids will wear down their teeth to the gums down to nubbs (which I've rarely seen). That's not what parents want, but it'll be OK. When those baby teeth come out when he/she is 10 -12 years old, they'll get brand new healthy adult teeth that aren't worn down.

At that time, your Dentist can spot any bite problems to prevent grinding teeth. Usually braces (orthodontics) will correct most bite problems, although a TMJ Dentist can determine "invisible" severe problems with Splint therapy.

SmartGuard Night Guard

For the Adults that have tooth grinding episodes, you are definitely not alone. Again, most adults do it from time to time. If it is a severe tooth grinding night for you, and if it continues for many months or even years, several disorders or problems can develop.

Number one, grinding can wear down your teeth. Your Dentist can watch out for this, but if you have a night guard, that will prevent the teeth from wearing down, at least during the night time grinding.

Number two, teeth grinding can traumatize your teeth to a point to kill the tooth. When that happens, you can have pain with that tooth. At that point, you may need to have a Root Canal done on the tooth. This is typical for adults in their forties, but can happen to any person that grinds their teeth without protection.

To get the best protection from teeth grinding when sleeping, your Dentist can make you a custom night guard, or, you can purchase one here on this website.

I have been wearing my new TMJ SmartGuard for about one month now and I definitely have to say that it beats my other, custom-made, mouth guard hands down. The first noticeable difference I experienced with the SmartGuard was that it immediately felt more comfortable in my mouth. This is because the SmartGuard is smaller and less cumbersome than my custom-made guard. I didn’t expect a self-molded guard to fit as well as one modeled by a dentist but in fact it fit very well and has not fallen out of my mouth once since I started wearing it.

Michelle Roycroft

Another thing that I prefer about SmartGuard’s design is that his guard prevents my back teeth from touching at ALL, which my other custom-guard does not, so with the Smartguard I am prevented not only from grinding the enamel off my teeth but also from clenching my jaw at the back which I believe is the reason I no longer have any jaw or joint pain. It’s great to wake up in the morning feeling less tension in my face and to be experiencing fewer headaches as a result!

I’m surprised and pleased that someone has created such an affordable alternative to the custom-made guard.

Michelle R.

Dear Dr. Spainhower!

I apologize for the delay in writing you, but I wanted to be sure I
gave the SmartGuard a good test period before giving my opinion.

And..... It is wonderful! Thank you so much.... At first I was worried about the small size, but after the simple molding process and break-in period it stays put as it should. The small size eliminates one of the main problems I have had with mouthguards before this:GAGGING! Before the SmartGuard I was unable to keep anything in for long enough to do any good. The SmartGuard stays in place, doesn't irritate my gums and provides a stable base for my teeth. All without making me gag.

Andrea Johnston

Finally I am finding some relief from my TMJ disorder, which is casued mostly by stress grinding. Because it is so small and comfortable I feel confident wearing it at work, a busy office....which is another place I find myself grinding/gritting my teeth. I have tried just about every other OTC mouth guard at all range of prices, both the moId-it-yourself and the adjustable kind. None come close to the comfort and relief I am experiencing with SmartGuard. I haven't gone to the dentist for a custom fit guard because of the expense(which it isn't coverd by my insurance), but now I don't feel that I need to.

Andrea Johnston
The Pacific Northwest

I live in my own little world...but that's OK, they know me here.

Hello Dr. Spainhower,

I would like to thank you for sending me the SmartGuard Night Guard. I have suffered from TMJ for many years and have used expensive bite guards that have been made by dentist. They have to be replaced quite often for me because my bite changes frequently and it gets really expensive. I am a tonsil cancer survivor and also suffer from a limited jaw opening as a result of radiation therapy. I have been experiencing jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches for over 13 years now.

Charlotte Glaze

I started using the SmartGuard a few weeks ago and experienced relief from my jaw pain and tension pains in my neck after using the Night Guard for just a few hours. My headaches completely disappeared.The process of custom fitting the Night Guard was quick and easy. Although the Night Guard is somewhat thicker than my usual hard plastic bite guard my dentist makes it took only a few hours to get used to wearing the it and now I am quite comfortable while wearing the Night Guard. I would like to thank you for providing me with an effective, comfortable, and affordable alternative to relieving my TMJ related pain.

Charlotte Glaze

Dr. Spainhower,

While I thought the $50 was a bit pricey for this product, I can say that it was money well spent. I use the SmartGuard for TMJ. I was diagnosed with TMJ by my dentist, but was unable to come up with the $3,700 he wanted to make appliances. Using SmartGuard has helped my pain tremendously. It took a few weeks, but as long as I was consistently wearing it, I noticed a huge difference.

The one bit of advice I would give is to prepare the potential customers of the possibilty of stiffness and moderate pain that will be felt when first using it. With the jaw being adjusted, it made me think that the appliance was doing more harm than good, but I decided to stay the course and am happy with the results.


Joseph L.

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