TMJ Treatment Options

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TMJ Treatment Options depends on what your situation is, and what you want accomplished.

TMJ Treatment Options:

-TMJ Splint at night time to relax the jaw muscles just enough to get you through the day without pain.

-Wear the Splint anytime that you start to feel pain coming on. When pain goes away, don't wear it. But you should keep wearing it at least once a week to keep the teeth from moving on you so the splint will still fit later in the future.

Teeth move in a 3 dimensional manner throughout the year, like they are floating in air, always meshing of course, so don't go very long without wearing your splint so that it will keep the teeth in place.

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-For Bite Correction...Wear Splint 24 hours a day to reduce severe pain and to possibly correct your Bite. You'll need to wear the Splint 3-5 months (24 hours per day) before the bite correction can be done with 5-7 Splint adjustments by you Doc as you go through the 3-5 months. This of course, needs direction from your local HPD (Hand Picked Doc by me).

-Eliminate or reduce Stressful events or factors in your life. Is it a recent family development? Is it financial struggles? Is it a recent or near future Marriage? Job loss? Is it December or about 2 months after?

-Jaw Exercises...Contact your local physical therapist for TMJ Jaw Exercises

-TMJ Chiropractic...Your Chiropractor can massage the Lateral Pterygoid muscle for most TMJ pain relief.

For TMJ Treatment Options, when Jaw Pain is the problem, and it's severe, you'll probably want immediate relief. Get a TMJ Splint. If it's not too severe, then you can work on the "Stress" factors and TMJ Home Remedy solutions including TMJ Jaw Exercises.

TMJ Home

Same thing for TMJ Headaches. If it is severe, get a TMJ Splint to have immediate relief. If it's not so severe, work on the "Stress" issues and TMJ Exercises.

If it's clicking in the TMJoints. That you will need professional help as wearing a mouthguard purchased online or in stores may cause your jaw to lock up. See one of my Hand picked Docs for that. Now wait a minute...if the clicking or popping doesn't hurt...don't mess with it. It's possible to cause more problems if you try to treat this yourself. Just let it be unless it is a new thing and it hurts. But just clicking or popping doesn't require any treatment in most cases.

Basically, If you have Severe pain, and you want the pain eliminated right away, then the TMJ Splint is the best way to do that. The Splint can be worn anytime, anyday that you need it and you don't have to go back to the TMJ Dentist too often for adjustments.

But, you want to be able to go on with life and not depend on the Splint...right? Then get the Splint to get out of pain now, at the same time evaluate what the REAL causes of TMJ pain is/are for TMJ Treatment Options. Visit the Causes of TMJ page to read more about the causes of TMJ.

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