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Now, I don't have my patients do TMJ exercises in my office. I refer them to a local physical therapist to show them how to do them.

Update: I have found two sources for Do it Yourself at home TMJ Exercise programs. I purchased them myself and wrote up reviews on them at the following link.

Read my reviews on TMJ Exercise programs here. TMJ Jaw exercises are an important TMJ treatment to help the pain stay away. I'll give you some links to online websites that can help you, or click here to find a local practitioner.

Exercises can help for long term reduction of TMJ symptoms. The saying goes, it's better to TEACH a man how to fish vs. just give a man a fish to eat. Doing exercises yourself at home, can help you keep pain away.

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Especially when the Pain is causes by Stress issues, you'll be more successful at eliminating pain when the cause is Stress vs. Pain caused by a Bad Bite. There's not a whole lot you can do if you have a Bad Bite, (unless you have it corrected), you are constantly susceptible to having problems.

Doing Exercises can help reduce pain when the cause is a Bad Bite, but it is NOT a TMJ Cure.

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