Your TMJ Dentist And My Hand Picked Docs

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Ok, I have just begun to create this service. See below for the info on your TMJ Dentist. If you want me to find you a Doc in your area, please feel free to call my Private Practice and ask me to find you a TMJ Doctor, or TMJ clinician in your area at 801-775-8005.

This is very timing consuming as I am faced with different opinions of Treatment out there, and I want to find you THE Dentist that I believe can treat you with the best, with the most efficient relief of pain.

I will not just link to a Doctor without approving and screening them for you. I will find one Doc in each State or country first and then find one closer to you if needed.

I will contact local leaders in your Dental Association to call, talk to and screen which Dentist I feel provide the best TMJ treatment available.

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This is January 2009 (Feb. now), and I am just starting to put this service together. So, please forgive me, and I'll get to it when time allows.

OK, I just found your TMJ Doc for Denver Colorado! Now your Long Island New York TMJ Dentist.

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