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SmartGuard Night Guard

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Dr. Spainhower

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Dr Spainhower,

The night guard works great. I first went to buy a football night guard at the Sporting goods store to protect by teeth from gettng crushed as I clench my teeth a lot and my teeth have been crumbling, but when I heard that you recommended theSmartGuard, I tried it. And now I don't have any headaches anymore, and I've had chronic headaches for years and years.

I've had headaches 24/7. Doctors have treated me with medications, pain killers, and muscle relaxers, and even trigger point injections in my back. I haven't had a headache since I started wearing your night guard. It's nice not to have drugs in me, I'm not loopy anymore, and I wake up about 3 hours earlier because now I sleep more soundly. I usually am dragging in the morning because I don't sleep well with my headaches. I used to sleep in until 9-10 O'clock in the morning, but now I wake up at 6 am...refreshed.

It is so nice. It's comfortable too, the guard just knows where to stay, it fits good and stays in my mouth all night. It doesn't fall out. I'm thankful, thank you.

Misty Ruddell.

Leah Geary

The night guard has been very helpful. I have tried other night guards that didn't stay in my mouth because they were not "thick" enough after being heat-set.

This night guard is very sturdy and stays in my mouth. My husband told me I don't snore when I have it in, so he loves that I am wearing it. I clinch my teeth during sleep, and this night guard keeps me from doing that. It has relieved the pressure a considerable amount.

I am so glad for this solution that is not very costly.


Leah Geary

Dear Dr. Spainhower!

I apologize for the delay in writing you, but I wanted to be sure I
gave the SmartGuard a good test period before giving my opinion.

And..... It is wonderful! Thank you so much.... At first I was worried about the small size, but after the simple molding process and break-in period it stays put as it should. The small size eliminates one of the main problems I have had with mouthguards before this:GAGGING! Before the SmartGuard I was unable to keep anything in for long enough to do any good. The SmartGuard stays in place, doesn't irritate my gums and provides a stable base for my teeth. All without making me gag.

Andrea Johnston

Finally I am finding some relief from my TMJ disorder, which is casued mostly by stress grinding. Because it is so small and comfortable I feel confident wearing it at work, a busy office....which is another place I find myself grinding/gritting my teeth. I have tried just about every other OTC mouth guard at all range of prices, both the mold-it-yourself and the adjustable kind. None come close to the comfort and relief I am experiencing with SmartGuard. I haven't gone to the dentist for a custom fit guard because of the expense(which it isn't coverd by my insurance), but now I don't feel that I need to.

Andrea Johnston
The Pacific Northwest

I live in my own little world...but that's OK, they know me here.

Before wearing the SmartGuard, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a headache during the day I had to apply warm corn bags to my jaw and often had to take IBprofen to ease the pain. I went to a TMJ specialist and was told I needed to wear 2 appliances, 1 for day and 1 for night, for 3-6 months, braces for an overbite and more appliances for the rest of my life. Total cost $,8000 to $10,000. No mention of exercises or physical therapy.

The first night wearing the night guard I didn’t have any more headaches. After 2 nights my jaw didn’t ache during the day between meals. Today I am working on incorporating exercises into my daily routine. Thank you Dr. Spainhower for caring about those of us who suffer everyday with TMJ.


Donna Brudjar

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