TMJ Chiropractor Treatment

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Now, I'm not a TMJ Chiropractor so I have asked a Chiropractor to write up some information for your benefit. Until I recieve his articles, I'll give some summary of the treatments that I know of.

Chiropractors will check the movement of the Jaw, to see if it has restrictions on either side or both. Then they can use their thumper to help the "Disc" be put back in to it's place.

Chiropractors can massage the Lateral Pterygoid muscles. They are the muscles that have the most pain during a TMJ jaw pain episode.

So, if they are massaged, and relaxed, the pain will in most cases be eliminated. Occasionally the muscles will be sore the next day, but the range of motion of the jaw is usually improved.

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Cranial Manipulations can be performed, but few Chiropractors are educated and trained in this type of treatment. Cranial Manipulations are when the clinician applies pressure on the sutures of the cranial bones and create movement of the bony plates of Skull. I have not read papers on the efficacy of this but know that clinicians do this .

A Chiropractor will use ointments that penetrate to the muscle to improve the relaxation. When the muscles relax, the pain goes away.

More on this later.

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