TMJ Braces and Recent Dental Work

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TMJ Braces or just regular Dental Work can cause the patient to have TMJ symptoms. It can be a result of just one Dental visit or two, or, it can occur over years of fillings and crowns that slowly directs the bite to be off little by little.

Usually it really isn't directing the bite "off", but actually the new cusps or incisal edges may be hundredths of a millimeter different, resulting in a tiny change in the "Envelope of Function"

What's Envelope of Function? It is the direction of movement that your jaw makes as you chew your food. Those tiny changes that occurs when any Dentist does Dental work on teeth that affect the overall bite functions. It happens to even the most accurate Dentists.

If you have many or several crowns done at the same time, that will increase the chances that it changes the bite off a bit, just enough to cause some jaw pain or TMJ syndrome.

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Now please, don't go running to the lawyers just yet, because this is just a normal thing that can happen to the best of Dentists. We don't know exactly how the angles of the Temporomandibular joint are and the bony eminence without expense MRI's, CAT scans and TMJ therapy.

You as the patient don't want to pay for all that do you? So, it does happen to the best of us. So TMJ Braces or regular braces can do the same thing, so unless you have TMJ Therapy done before any Dental work, you just don't know when or if TMJ symptoms will show up.

Again, that would cost you from 1000.00 to 5000.00 dollars just for the TMJ Therapy, before you have to start and pay for the Orthodontics.

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