Which TMJ Treatment Will Relieve Your TMJ Jaw Pain?

I just discovered a new tool to eliminate the main source of muscle pain in the jaw muscles which are Trigger Points. Wow, the trigger points have been a hidden cause of TMJ pain for so long. Massage therapists and Chiropractors have known about this for while, but it really hasn't caught on in the Dental or Medical field.

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TMJ treatment options can be directed several different ways, depending on what your (or loved one's) situation is.

Update: I have found two good sources for TMJ Exercises. I purchased them myself and reviewed them and wrote up some reviews on them. You can click on the link below to read my reviews on them.

Click here for the link to www.TMJReview.com to read more. The exercises in the two programs that I reviewed are similar to the Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients when I refer to him.

The links to the above TMJ Exercise programs are a bit salesy, but the exercises are good. They are the only place that I have found TMJ exercises put into one/two locations on the internet.

The 7 Treatments listed below, in my opinion, are the best treatments available. Now, these are treatments that ELIMINATE Pain, they are not necessarily treatments that CURE your pain. The number of cures, is as many as the causes.

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Proper Treatment for a TMJ Cure requires a thorough examination which includes a clinical exam of the head, neck, and jaw muscles, watching the patient as she responds to my questions, to diagnose possibly less tangible problems causing the symptoms.

The exercises on these two websites are similar to the Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients when I refer to him. The link webpage is a bit salesy, but the exercises are good. It's the only place that I have found TMJ exercises put into one/two locations on the internet.

SmartGuard Night Guard

Now, we TMJ Dentists can fix bites and get you out of pain with typical Splint therapy and other recommended therapies, but...

beyond the Physical information from the clinical exam, it is my obligation and focus to read the patient beyond the physical Chief Complaints of symptoms, to identify primary factors causing the problems.

Since the most common cause (over 50%) of TMJ disorders including a TMJ Headache is...Stress, it's difficult at times to diagnose the True cause (what's the cause of Stress).

TMJ Free Smile

If you believe that a form of Stress might be a factor, here are two excellent links for self-improvement... Authentic self and Parenting Advice if you have Children.

Some patients may not answer the REAL stress issue in my Dental office (such as Marital problems), because the real answer may be too personal for her to reveal. So, I take this very seriously, and recommend what I truly see, believe and diagnose.

If you've read the pages on "Causes of TMJ", then you'll better understand and how to choose the following links to treat TMJ symptoms.

BTW, the NEW SmartGuard night guard Night Guard was tested this week and it passed with flying colors-...It will stop or reduce...

-Jaw Pain

-TMJ Joint pain

-Tension Headaches

-Ear pain associated with TMD

-Ringing in the ears associated with TMD


-Tooth sensitivities associated with TMD

-Sinus pain associated with TMD

-You'll sleep comfortably

-You'll wake up having deeper sleep

-It will actually STAY in your mouth while you sleep.

-You'll probably want to wear it during the day

-Reduce popping and clicking in the TMJs

-Eliminate Lock Jaw

-eliminate Trismus

-You'll feel normal again

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Dr Spainhower,

The night guard works great. I first went to buy a football night guard at the Sporting goods store to protect by teeth from gettng crushed as I clench my teeth a lot and my teeth have been crumbling, but when I heard that you recommended theSmartGuard, I tried it. And now I don't have any headaches anymore, and I've had chronic headaches for years and years.

I've had headaches 24/7. Doctors have treated me with medications, pain killers, and muscle relaxers, and even trigger point injections in my back. I haven't had a headache since I started wearing your night guard. It's nice not to have drugs in me, I'm not loopy anymore, and I wake up about 3 hours earlier because now I sleep more soundly. I usually am dragging in the morning because I don't sleep well with my headaches. I used to sleep in until 9-10 O'clock in the morning, but now I wake up at 6 am...refreshed.

It is so nice. It's comfortable too, the guard just knows where to stay, it fits good and stays in my mouth all night. It doesn't fall out. I'm thankful, thank you.

Misty Ruddell.

Leah Geary

The night guard has been very helpful. I have tried other night guards that didn't stay in my mouth because they were not "thick" enough after being heat-set.

This night guard is very sturdy and stays in my mouth. My husband told me I don't snore when I have it in, so he loves that I am wearing it. I clinch my teeth during sleep, and this night guard keeps me from doing that. It has relieved the pressure a considerable amount.

I am so glad for this solution that is not very costly.


Leah Geary

Dr. Spainhower,

While I thought the $50 was a bit pricey for this product, I can say that it was money well spent. I use the SmartGuard for TMJ. I was diagnosed with TMJ by my dentist, but was unable to come up with the $3,700 he wanted to make appliances. Using SmartGuard has helped my pain tremendously. It took a few weeks, but as long as I was consistently wearing it, I noticed a huge difference.

The one bit of advice I would give is to prepare the potential customers of the possibility of stiffness and moderate pain that will be felt when first using it. With the jaw being adjusted, it made me think that the appliance was doing more harm than good, but I decided to stay the course and am happy with the results.


Joseph L.


Yes the main purpose is to reduce tmj symptoms and protect my teeth.

I just got the guard 2 days ago and I already feel better.

The only thing Im struggling with is my bottom front teeth get sore and I get pools of saliva running out of my mouth. but I have a feeling once I get used to it this will improve. I used to have the NTI mouthguard. I kept chewing thru it and had to modify it all the time.



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