Pain In Jaw

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Pain in Jaw, can be one of the worst pains to have. First you should evaluate if it associated with a Tooth. See your Dentist if you think it is associated or tooth related.

You really need to act on the pain. If you try to treat TMJ pain yourself at home, give it just a few days to a week. Because it could be tumor in the bone.

If it's a TMJ disorder, the pain in Jaw can be eliminated by most any mouthguard, but read my other pages on mouthguards, TMJ Appliance and night guards to understand the differences between them and how they work and can help you.

If the Pain in Jaw is not tooth or tumor related, then there's a good chance you can eliminate the pain with a TMJ Appliance, mouthguard, night guard Splint etc. Any one of these can work with the right modification or adjustments to it.

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So, I'll assume it is a TMJ disorder problem (TMJ Pain).

OK, if you want to treat TMJ, for the cheapest and quickest test, click on my TMJ Appliance page or link to read how to do that. Try that mouthguard first.

If it relieves your jaw ache, then great. It doesn't work all of the time, but usually it does. It will fall out of your mouth when sleeping, so try to find it when you wake up during the night and put it back in. Even when it falls out, it still can work enough for relief of jaw Pain.

Whether or not it works for you, to get a more predictable and more permanent longer lasting guard, contact the TMJ Dentist in your area to make you a Real Splint. That should last you 7 years or so. If you take good care of it, it can last longer than that.

TMJ Jaw Pain is usually muscle pain. The pain is caused by hyperactivity of the jaw muscles. That usually is a result of Clenching and tension. So, to eliminate the TRUE Cause of your TMJ Jaw Pain, read my Causes of TMJ link for more info.

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