Nutrition Can Cause Tooth Grinding

Of course Nutrition affects our overall health. But what many people may not realize is, that certain types of food affect our mood and hyper/hypo activity. The National Headache Foundation has identified these foods and being "Headache" trigger foods:





-citric juices

TMJ Headache

When an individual eats or drinks habitually (daily) any one or more of these foods or drinks, it increases your chances and probability to having Headaches. As a TMJ Dentist, most of my patients have headaches associated with their Jaw pain. So, I definitely have seen the correlation between Trigger foods that cause headaches and TMJ symptoms.

Tension in the Head affects the muscles in the Head with TENSION in the muscles. Tension in the Jaw muscles which covers most of the Head can cause and does commonly cause Tension Headaches.

So, yes, poor eating habits and eating too much of a headache Trigger food can affect the jaw muscles and then an increase in clenching ultimately and possibly TMJ jaw pain or TMJ disorders.

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Caffeine causes Headaches and even eliminates them if you're already addicted to caffeine. It's a vicious cycle.

Now Nutrasweet is an artificial sweeter that is found and added to many Diet soft drinks and "Low fat foods". Also, Sugar Free foods as well, so it is basically everywhere...almost.

You know what Chocolates are. I hope so.

Cheeses, not all but that is unclear right now.

Citric Juices can cause headaches, I know this personally. But of course the NHF already told me that.

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