Migraine Specialist

Finding the right migraine specialist can be difficult and take some time, but it's very important, especially if you suffer from migraines on a regular basis.  The right migraine specialist may be a neurologist, family doctor, or alternative doctor of some kind.  It depends on how well you get along with the doctor and how successful the doctor has been with eliminating or reducing migraines.
Talking to people is one way to gather information about migraine doctors.  Remember not to take one person's word for it.  One patient may have a very different opinion about a doctor than most of the other patients have.  Health care professionals of many fields are usually willing to share their opinions and  recommendations.  Some migraine sufferers have used the internet to find migraine specialists.
Medical doctors who treat patients will prescribe drugs for pain reduction and for prevention.  These can be helpful, and alternatives to medicine can also be helpful.  That's why it's good to interview other clinicians that treat headache remedies, such as TMJ dentists, and chiropractors.  Some of them have had success with natural headache remedies for migraine headache treatment.  Sometimes a TMJ (jaw joint) specialist can help with migraines, through relaxing the masticatory (chewing muscles)which can cause acute or chronic tension headaches, which is quite different.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a doctor on how to stop headaches is how well they listen to you.  Some doctors hardly ask you questions.  Others ask a few, but fail to listen carefully to your answers; they answer the questions for you.  When you find a doctor who asks a lot of questions and really listens to you, that is a very good sign.  It's critical to see a specialist who understands your symptoms, medical history, and how much the problem affects your life.
When you are prescribed a migraine medication, look it up on a reputable site on the internet to make sure it targets the symptoms you are experiencing.  Doctors can make mistakes, and a migraine drug that is good for one patient may not be right for you.
There are headache clinics that specialize in various types of headaches.  It's a good idea to talk with both patients and clinicians at those clinics.  The clinic will have a variety of clinicians and at least one migraine specialist to help you with various migraine headache treatments.



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