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TMJ Headache

Lock Jaw is so annoying. It really does get in the way when it happens. It's hard to talk, swallow, and function.

There's basically two different forms of Lock Jaw...

#1 A True Lock...

#2 Trismus...

A True TMJ Locked jaw is when the meniscus (disc) in the Temporomandibular Joint is locked or stuck out of place. It usually gets stuck or locked in a forward position.

So, it is sitting in front of the Condyle and doesn't allow the Jaw to Open. This occurs when the muscles and ligaments in attached to the joint capsule is fatigued and tired of working.

The main cause of the Locked situation is a Bad Bite. Go to the Bad Bite page for more info on that.

The fatigue and "Malfunction" can also be caused by regular muscle fatigue from clenching and Tension.

But the main cause of this problem is because the Bad Bite causes constant overworking of muscles and ligaments in the joint.

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Basically, the Bad Bites makes it more probable for the muscles to fatigue, thus...the tissues don't function properly more often.

Trismus is when the muscles are in a Spasm. The muscles lock up and tighten which doesn't allow the jaw to function normally. This can be treated at home with Home Remedy therapies.

But it's hard to tell even for me as a TMJ Dentist to know for certain. There's things that can help us know such as the amount of opening that you can open.

If you can only open your mouth about 27 mm (about two finger widths), then there's a good chance that it is a TRUE TMJ Lockjaw, and you should seek immediate attention from your local TMJ Dentist.

If you can open your mouth beyond only about 15 mm OR greater than 33 mm or so,then there's a good chance that it's Trismus and not a True Lock Jaw and can heal itself with Conservative Home Remedies.

If you have a Locked Jaw for a week, and it hasn't gotten better, call your TMJ Doc Now. Don't put it off any longer as the Jaw can actually bond in the closed lock position requiring only Surgery to open it.

Update: I have recently found, purchased and wrote up reviews on two TMJ Exercise programs. They are similar TMJ Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients. Click here to read reviews on TMJ Exercise products.

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Yes the main purpose is to reduce tmj symptoms and protect my teeth.

I just got the guard 2 days ago and I already feel better.

The only thing Im struggling with is my bottom front teeth get sore and I get pools of saliva running out of my mouth.  but I have a feeling once I get used to it this will improve.  I used to have the NTI mouthguard. I kept chewing thru it and had to modify it all the time.



Hello Dr. Spainhower,

I would like to thank you for sending me the SmartGuard Night Guard. I have suffered from TMJ for many years and have used expensive bite guards that have been made by dentist. They have to be replaced quite often for me because my bite changes frequently and it gets really expensive. I am a tonsil cancer survivor and also suffer from a limited jaw opening as a result of radiation therapy. I have been experiencing jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches for over 13 years now.


I started using the SmartGuard a few weeks ago and experienced relief from my jaw pain and tension pains in my neck after using the Night Guard for just a few hours. My headaches completely disappeared.The process of custom fitting the Night Guard was quick and easy. Although the Night Guard is somewhat thicker than my usual hard plastic bite guard my dentist makes it took only a few hours to get used to wearing the it and now I am quite comfortable while wearing the Night Guard. I would like to thank you for providing me with an effective, comfortable, and affordable alternative to relieving my TMJ related pain.

Charlotte Glaze

Dr Spainhower,

The night guard works great.  I first went to buy a football night guard at the Sporting goods store to protect by teeth from gettng crushed as I clench my teeth a lot and my teeth have been crumbling, but when I heard that you recommended theSmartGuard, I tried it. And now I don't have any headaches anymore, and I've had chronic headaches for years and years.

I've had headaches 24/7.  Doctors have treated me with medications, pain killers, and muscle relaxers, and even trigger point injections in my back.  I haven't had a headache since I started wearing your night guard.  It's nice not to have drugs in me, I'm not loopy anymore, and I wake up about 3 hours earlier because now I sleep more soundly.  I usually am dragging in the morning because I don't sleep well with my headaches.  I used to sleep in until 9-10 O'clock in the morning, but now I wake up at 6 am...refreshed.

It is so nice.  It's comfortable too, the guard just knows where to stay, it fits good and stays in my mouth all night.  It doesn't fall out.  I'm thankful, thank you.

Misty Ruddell.

Dr Spainhower,

I have been using the Smartguard for a month now and I am so pleased.  I have tried so many guards and this is the first that has worked for me.  I did experience tmj, headaches, ringing in ears, vertigo, neck pain and nausea throughout my days but not now.  I strongly suggest this Smartguard for anyone who grinds or clenches.  Who would have ever thought that this odd looking guard would have given me back my normal life?

Thank you so much,

Shannon B.

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