Where Does Jaw Pain Come From?

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Jaw pain: I have recently found, purchased and wrote up reviews on two TMJ Exercise programs. They are similar TMJ Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients. Click here to read reviews on TMJ Exercise products

SmartGuard Night Guard

I just discovered a new tool to eliminate the main source of muscle jaw pain in the jaw muscles which are Trigger Points. Wow, the trigger points have been a hidden cause of TMJ pain for so long. Massage therapists and Chiropractors have known about this for while, but it really hasn't caught on in the Dental or Medical field.

Jaw pain comes from many sources. The first question that needs to be addressed is...is it a bone tumor, cyst or cancer?

Out of 17 years or so of treating patients, I have only found a handful (6-8) of Tumors, which mostly are Benign, but may be malignant also, I think I've had about 3 being malignant.

So, the first thing that should be checked out, is the cancers and tumors. You typically don't have to ask for that, we Dentists routinely just look for that first.

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When you report to your Dentist that you have TMJ jaw pain, he/she should take a panorex xray to check for tumors or cancer. When tumors/cysts are ruled out, then the TMJ exam can begin.

Pain in Jaw: Most of the time, when you have jaw joint pain, it is muscle jaw pain. Let me be more clear...Muscle Pain. The jaw muscles (masticatory muscles) are usually fatigued which leads to jaw pain from over working.

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How do they overwork? When people clench or grind their teeth too much day or night. Most of the time, people grind their teeth at night. To learn more about the Causes of TMJ Pain click here. People can have fatigue or overworked jaw muscles just by Tension and stress in their lives. Most don't realize that they are clenching when in fact they are. Also, sometimes it seems that just the tension causes muscle to ache, even though clenching is not happening.

Then you have the patients that have accidents or trauma that causes the jaw pain, one way or an other. Please read the Causes of TMJ and/or TMJ treatments to understand more thoroughly about your TMJ concerns. Then if you want to try an easy Home Remedy, When you're ready to try my modified TMJ Appliance to relieve your pain or TMJ Headache, click on the TMJ appliance page and follow the instructions. For more info on the other topics, please browse around until you're ready to eliminate your pain or discomforts. Just click on the tab to the left to answer more of your questions regarding your TMJ questions. click here to try the TMJ Appliance for quick test and relief.

Update: I have recently found, purchased and wrote up reviews on two TMJ Exercise programs. They are similar TMJ Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ jaw pain patients. Click here to read reviews on TMJ Exercise products

Dr Spainhower,

The night guard works great. I first went to buy a football night guard at the Sporting goods store to protect by teeth from getting crushed as I clench my teeth a lot and my teeth have been crumbling, but when I heard that you recommended the SmartGuard, I tried it. And now I don't have any headaches anymore, and I've had chronic headaches for years and years.

I've had headaches 24/7. Doctors have treated me with medications, pain killers, and muscle relaxers, and even trigger point injections in my back. I haven't had a headache since I started wearing your night guard. It's nice not to have drugs in me, I'm not loopy anymore, and I wake up about 3 hours earlier because now I sleep more soundly. I usually am dragging in the morning because I don't sleep well with my headaches. I used to sleep in until 9-10 O'clock in the morning, but now I wake up at 6 am...refreshed.

It is so nice. It's comfortable too, the guard just knows where to stay, it fits good and stays in my mouth all night. It doesn't fall out. I'm thankful, thank you.

Misty Ruddell.

Before wearing the SmartGuard, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a headache during the day I had to apply warm corn bags to my jaw and often had to take IBprofen to ease the pain. I went to a TMJ specialist and was told I needed to wear 2 appliances, 1 for day and 1 for night, for 3-6 months, braces for an overbite and more appliances for the rest of my life. Total cost $,8000 to $10,000. No mention of exercises or physical therapy.

The first night wearing the night guard I didn’t have any more headaches. After 2 nights my jaw didn’t ache during the day between meals. Today I am working on incorporating exercises into my daily routine. Thank you Dr. Spainhower for caring about those of us who suffer everyday with TMJ.


Donna Brudjar

Over the years I have seen several different dentists and doctors for my TMJ problems. I have even tried different night guards that I bought from local stores which only made the TMJ worse.

It wasn't until I tried the SmartGuard that I finally found something that helped. My TMJ has grown increasingly worse over the years and with the clicking, locking, and severe pain I was willing to try anything new. The night guards instructions were very easy to understand and I had no problems molding it to my mouth. The first night I used it I was nervous because I wasn't used to having my upper and lower teeth separated so much but the next morning I was very pleased to see that after only one night the clicking had really reduced.

One of the nicest things was being able to yawn a little wider without being in severe pain. I had no problems keeping the guard in my mouth all night long. The gums behind my front upper teeth were a little sore and that was the only thing that bothered me. There is a definite improvement after having worn it only 8 hours. I still have some popping in the joint but am excited to see improvement every time I use it. The long term benefits of using this device is very exciting.

Thank you Dr. Spainhower!

Sharon Clements

Dr. Spainhower,

While I thought the $50 was a bit pricey for this product, I can say that it was money well spent. I use the SmartGuard for TMJ. I was diagnosed with TMJ by my dentist, but was unable to come up with the $3,700 he wanted to make appliances. Using SmartGuard has helped my pain tremendously. It took a few weeks, but as long as I was consistently wearing it, I noticed a huge difference.

The one bit of advice I would give is to prepare the potential customers of the possibilty of stiffness and moderate pain that will be felt when first using it. With the jaw being adjusted, it made me think that the appliance was doing more harm than good, but I decided to stay the course and am happy with the results.


Joseph L.

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