How Does Stress Affect Health?

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How does stress affect health with TMJ? Stress will affect just about any ailment that plagues us. And it certainly affects TMJ Sufferers. It is the #1...numero uno...TMJ problem causer.

Many events cause people to clench more, and it just causes Tension in our lives to a point that we have TMJ headaches, TMJ syndrome, jaw pain, and any other ailment.

That means anything in our lives can affect us. Such as weddings, graduations, new employment, new baby's, children at any age, anything new or different.

Now, the negative events is what affects also, maybe in a worse way, but it just doesn't matter. Any change good or bad. Divorce, money problems, work issues, children, children, children. That was for the work at home spouses, and that is usually the Mom.

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Females and Moms generally are the most categorized people that have TMJ disorders. That usually ranges in ages from Teenagers up to about 40 years old. But the TMJ cases slow down quite a bit after that age. Mmmm, there must be a correlation between moms and having and raising kids.

So, How does stress affect health? Mostly bad in the head and neck. So, if you can control, reduce, or eliminate your stress, then you'll be less likely to have TMJ symptoms.

Of course, we can't all eliminate all causes of stress, so I recommend to my patients to reduce the stressor(s) and get their health up to speed by exercising and eating and sleeping right, to better protect yourself from the environmental stressors.

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