Gritting Teeth In Sleep

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Many people don't realize that the cause of their health problems is gritting teeth while sleeping. It's true. Baseball players and angry soccer moms aren't the only ones who grit their teeth.

Millions of people grind their teeth at night; it's called bruxism, and it causes serious health problems. People who grit their teeth while sleeping usually have painful symptoms such as jaw joint pain, headaches, ringing in the ears, and other miserable effects. And it often takes a while before they realize what's going on.

A good TMJ dentist can help to diagnose and solve the problem by prescribing a good mouth guard.

I get asked all the time why people clench their teeth during sleep? Modern medicine really doesn't have the answer, but there are theories. Stress is considered to be the biggest cause, so managing stress can help.

Other things, such as parasites in the gut, can also cause gritting teeth while sleeping. But it's easier to stop the grinding with a good night guard than to get rid of all stress or parasites. After all, stress is a part of life.

There are many mouth guards available that do a pretty good job. A good night guard prevents the teeth from grinding, thus reducing and often eliminating the clicking and popping sounds many people have with their jaw joint or TMJ, (Temporomandibular joint).

What's really frustrating is when a jaw is locked; it makes it hard to speak or even eat. You can see how serious this could become.

Gritting teeth while sleeping can injure teeth, too, which can lead to expensive dental work. And I know people who complain of migraine headaches and have been taking all kinds of medicine and pain killers, yet the headaches persist.

Then when they start wearing a good mouth guard during sleep, their headaches go away, and their lives are much, much more enjoyable. There are some other things that can help with jaw joint problems, like chiropractic, TMJ exercises, and stress therapy, but the most effective remedy so far is the right mouth guard. And some of the best ones are not expensive.

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