Reduce Pains with Exercise For TMJ

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Exercise for TMJ is a valid method for relieving jaw pain and other symptoms. In fact, besides wearing a mouth guard at night, it's oneof the best ways to achieve quick relief of your TMJ dysfunction. And TMJ exercises are probably the best things to do for long term relief.

Many TMJ sufferers have a bad bite, where the teeth and jaw are not positioned properly. Even with a bad bite, Exercises can significantly reduce the signs, pain, and symptoms of jaw problems.

There are certain jaw and neck exercises that you can learn from TMJUniversity dot com on the internet. These exercises can strengthen the muscles of the temporomandibular joint and help them to relax properly, reducing the incidence of clenching or grinding of the teeth.

SmartGuard Night Guard

Other exercise for TMJ syndrome targets the strength of the upper body. For example, going to a gym to lift weights for the arms, neck, and back can make for a better functioning TM joint.

In addition, cardio exercise is good for TMJ problems. Yes, when you start to engage in intense exercise, your body's cells will create more free radicals which damage the body and cause illness; however, mildto moderate exercise has been shown to improve immune function,enabling cells of the immunce system to scavenge the free radicals. Also, cardio exercise will lead to a training effect.

This means that the muscle cells are more capable of replenishing ATP (muscle energyunits) and of transporting oxygen to your body's cells, giving youmore energy and overall better health.

The TM joint is worked bymuscles, just as other joints in the body are; therefore, aerobicexercise is a good exercise for TMJ.

Another therapy for TMJ disorder that goes hand in hand with exercise is chiropractic. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, especially the neck, can help the TMJ function more normally. And somechiropractors are trained to massage some of the key muscles of the jaw joint.

The chiropractor will put on latex gloves, and with his or her fingers, the muscles from inside your mouth on the inside of your cheeks near the jaw joint.

So, to review, there are three types of exercise for TMJ that can be effective: jaw and neck exercises, upper body strength training, andcardiovascular exercise. And remember, wearing a good Night Guard maybe the only thing better than exercise at quickly eliminating pain and other TMJ signs and symptoms. You can get more information by clicking on the link above

Dr. Spainhower:

First, the guard has done everything I wanted and then some. I could feel the bite adjustment happening early on, and the jaw pain (relatively mild for the most part) went away quickly (four days or so and it was totally gone). Oddly enough, the first day after I wore it, I had the worst jaw pain episode I've ever had.

I have absolutely no idea why that happened or if it was at all related to the SmartGuard, but the next day after the pain was substantially reduced and again after four days or so I had no jaw pain.

The ear stuffiness was slower going, but I felt progress after a few days. After 2-3 weeks or so, it was very, very mild (I had to think hard to even notice it) and after six weeks or so, it was gone (or at least reduced 95%).

I was even more impressed because here in Virginia it's smack in the middle of allergy season, which usually causes all sorts of sinus problems. That's why I bought another - I could feel the ears coming back slightly (very slightly, but I am sensitive to it) and in case it was the guard wearing out I wanted to have another.

Also, for what it's worth, I found it very comfortable - I never had a problem sleeping with it and it never fell out. No sharp edges or anything either (and a lot of guards end up having little edges here and there that will cut or irritate your mouth if you don't trim them). So altogether I've been extremely pleased - the thing works almost like magic.

I had become used to stretching my jaw almost subconsciously and now I feel no soreness or stiffness when I do it (which is out of habit and not necessity).

Also, even though denture cleaner tablets are very cheap, I alternated between rinsing with hot water and submerging in denture cleaner. It's barely even discolored and doesn't really show signs of use. Good care, I think, but it's also a high quality piece.

As for the fork, my first attempt was with moderate force and it came off immediately in the water. The second time, I jammed the fork in as far as it would go (it didn't go all the way through) and while it seemed stuck on there pretty well after one or two seconds in the water it slid right off.

I liked the idea of submerging it, even though the first one floated (upside down) and I got a great fit on that one. Still, I must have done something wrong. I just hope I can save somebody else the trouble - it's probably a good idea to tell people to stick the fork all the way through. I was a little unclear as to how much pressure was needed - depending on the fork, you can encounter resistance pretty quickly even though you have a good ways to go to get through. I'll let you know how it goes next time.

Thanks for all your help and especially for the quick response to this. I really do appreciate it and I have to say I am very happy with the relief I get from the SmartGuard.



I have been wearing my new TMJ SmartGuard for about one month now and I definitely have to say that it beats my other, custom-made, mouth guard hands down. The first noticeable difference I experienced with the SmartGuard was that it immediately felt more comfortable in my mouth. This is because the SmartGuard is smaller and less cumbersome than my custom-made guard. I didn’t expect a self-molded guard to fit as well as one modeled by a dentist but in fact it fit very well and has not fallen out of my mouth once since I started wearing it.

Michelle Roycroft

Another thing that I prefer about SmartGuard’s design is that his guard prevents my back teeth from touching at ALL, which my other custom-guard does not, so with the Smartguard I am prevented not only from grinding the enamel off my teeth but also from clenching my jaw at the back which I believe is the reason I no longer have any jaw or joint pain. It’s great to wake up in the morning feeling less tension in my face and to be experiencing fewer headaches as a result!

I’m surprised and pleased that someone has created such an affordable alternative to the custom-made guard.

Michelle R.

Dear Dr. Spainhower!

I apologize for the delay in writing you, but I wanted to be sure I
gave the SmartGuard a good test period before giving my opinion.

And..... It is wonderful! Thank you so much.... At first I was worried about the small size, but after the simple molding process and break-in period it stays put as it should. The small size eliminates one of the main problems I have had with mouthguards before this:GAGGING! Before the SmartGuard I was unable to keep anything in for long enough to do any good. The SmartGuard stays in place, doesn't irritate my gums and provides a stable base for my teeth. All without making me gag.

Andrea Johnston

Finally I am finding some relief from my TMJ disorder, which is casued mostly by stress grinding. Because it is so small and comfortable I feel confident wearing it at work, a busy office....which is another place I find myself grinding/gritting my teeth. I have tried just about every other OTC mouth guard at all range of prices, both the moId-it-yourself and the adjustable kind. None come close to the comfort and relief I am experiencing with SmartGuard. I haven't gone to the dentist for a custom fit guard because of the expense(which it isn't coverd by my insurance), but now I don't feel that I need to.

Andrea Johnston
The Pacific Northwest

I live in my own little world...but that's OK, they know me here.


Yes the main purpose is to reduce tmj symptoms and protect my teeth.

I just got the guard 2 days ago and I already feel better.

The only thing Im struggling with is my bottom front teeth get sore and I get pools of saliva running out of my mouth. but I have a feeling once I get used to it this will improve. I used to have the NTI mouthguard. I kept chewing thru it and had to modify it all the time.



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