Clicking Jaw

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Clicking Jaw Joints is the same as the Jaw Popping. What I want to write about here is about treating the popping or not.

If you area teenager, definable go through TMJ Splint Therapy to try to stop it. Now, even at this young age, I have only been able to "recapture" about ten percent of my patients in their teen years.

That means, that I have been able to stop the popping, the Clicking in ten percent of my teenage patients that had Clicking Jaws. When you get past the teen years the likelihood of stopping the clicking goes down as the patients get older. Older than 30...forget it. Except if you compromise on some things....

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Ok, it is possible to "recapture" the discs when you're older (older than a teenager) (that's old I guess for TMJ discs). But, and this is a BIG.... BUT, you will compromise on the integrity of the Bite. I'll explain. The Jaw functions best when the Condyle is in the upper most part of the TM Joint, that's Temporo Mandibular Joint. AND, when the teeth mesh together nicely with good function when the condyles are in CR (Centric Relation). Many TMJ Dentists believe and treat TMJ patients with the training that the Condyles DON'T have to be in Centric Relation. You can have success with treating patients like this, but from my perspective, you open yourself up to additional problems, such as increased grinding (but you can get a night guard), you're more likely to grind down your teeth through daily routine without the guard in, and if you are Female, can increase the chances of having more TMJ pain. So, YES, you can correct the Disc from slipping out as an Adult, BUT, beware of the consequences. I don't like 'em (the consequences), so I try to stay as close to HOME as I can. Home is Centric Relation. It's just best to be there in almost all cases. Again, I'll get some debate about this one. I've talked to TMJ Dentists as I screen them for this site, and they just can't seem to get patients out of pain with the Centric Relation method. But, the treatment that they use is not in line of the Centric relation concept. So...There are many different concepts out there on how to treat TMJ issues. If you don't get results within one to three days of treatment with a Splint then maybe it's not the right type of splint for you. That's why I'm screening the Docs for your benefit, to get the best treatment for you.

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