The Cause of Teeth Grinding

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The Cause of Teeth Grinding can be so many things. In the Dental world, Grinding teeth at night is mostly treated with a Night Guard. Now, if you need a Night Guard for teeth grinding, go to your Dentist and buy a HARD Acrylic flat planed Splint. That is the Cadillac of night guards.

BUT...almost any other night guard with a few exceptions will work. It mostly depends on how long you want the guard to last....Soft...not so long....Hard...5-10 years I'm going to put my first plug in for a Private organization here...It's a better risk to find a Dentist that adjusts guards that follow the PANKY INSTITUTE way of adjusting Splints. They just work more often and have less probabilities of problems. The hard Night guard can last 7 years or so depending on how you take care of it. Don't put it in the little case that we give you "with the lid shut", leave the lid open so that the guard can air out! If not, it'll turn brown and smelly.

Ok, back to the Cause of Teeth Grinding. If you are Grinding teeth at night, it can be treated with a night guard, but there are so many other "stress" factors that are the REAL cause which needs addressing.

I used to blame night time teeth grinding on a Bad Bite, but that is just one cause of teeth grinding. There are many causes. The most common cause I would say is stress. Let me say that again...Most grinding is caused by Stress. Not all of the time, but Most. Grinding could be derived from...

Medications... Bad Bites... Stress... Medical affirmatives...

So, to Stop Grinding Teeth, is a shot in the dark. Because the Stress factor is an unknown and hard to treat even if you figure it out, we TMJ Docs give you our best recommendation and we hope that we can help you...Stopping the Grinding that is, (because we can almost always get you out of pain, if that is your issue).

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The Grinding is addressed and if it is stress related, you'll have to evaluate that factor and change your stressors yourself, as there is not a scientifically approved therapy to stop grinding teeth.

Through the process of elimination of your Environmental Stressors, find out what is a high stress in your life and reduce what you can.

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