The SmartGuard Night Guard Combo

SmartGuard Elite

*Includes Both the Elite and Original SmartGuards

100% money back guaranteeThe ELITE just became available Jan 2012. I designed it to fit and adapt to more mouths and excel in the following areas. The Elite night guard basically will never fall out of your mouth during the night. It will fit larger mouths and the small mouth. It was designed to reduce popping and clicking and lock jaw better the than the current SmartGuard.

It has a slight advantage over the current SmartGuard to reduce pains, but basically the same. It's comfortable to wear and is easier to mold. It's by far the best OTC guard available and even better than most all custom made TMJ guards!

The Combo package includes the SmartGuard Original AND the SmartGuard Elite so you can try each one to test which one works best for you at a lower cost.

Price : $79.00
Shipping : $8.00

*Includes International postage

The shipping and handling fee includes Insurance to cover if the shipment is lost in delivery.

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SmartGuard Combo, 1-2 Night Shipping in the US

Price : $79.00
Shipping : $25.00