Bruxism Treatment

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Bruxism Treatment depends on what you're trying to accomplish

If you have TMJ Pain, and the cause is Teeth Grinding (Bruxism), then you need to have a TMJ evaluation, TMJ test, or TMJ Exam to find out the REAL cause of the tooth Grinding and Pain.

One of the first things you should do is see your dentist for a cleaning and exam. You need to make sure you have

healthy teeth.

The Pain is usually caused by the Bruxing, and the Bruxing can be caused by one or more of several other factors. They are...

TMJ Free Smile

How Does Stress Affect Health

Bad Bites

Nutritional habits.


Less Active Physical lifestyle that you're used to.

Unhealthy state of the body.

Medical issues.

If you have pain, the best thing to do is evaluate these common Causes of TMJ areas, then the Bruxism or Tooth grinding will decrease.

The TMJ Splint can help eliminate your pain right away, but for more permanent Bruxism Treatment and long term reduction of pain will require addressing the other factors that apply to you.

If you don't have pain, and just want to protect your teeth, the TMJ Splint will work. Hold on again..

TMJ Headache

If you are grinding your teeth and wearing them down, the Splint may be a Temporary fix, though you may want to find out why you're Bruxing. Is it because you have a Bad Bite that allows the grinding? If so, then Bite Correction may be the answer. I don't correct many Bad Bites in my office because it's expensive and sometimes requires grinding down your teeth even more.

So, there are other options to Bruxing Treatment to Correcting Bites.

You may opt to wear the Splint just at Night time (when you sleep). Or, the main cause might be an other factor as listed above.

If so, the answer to improving or reducing your Tooth grinding is to stop the other factors that apply to you. Then you won't have to wear a Splint every night.

So, to sum up how Bruxism Treatment should be done. Treat with a TMJ Splint in most all cases, that'll stop the pain right away and protect the teeth.

If you don't have pain, you can work on other factors not related to your bite or pain. Although it's a good idea to wear the Splint anyway to protect your teeth from wearing down, but it may not be necessary

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If you treat with a Splint and the TMJ Doc finds that you have a severe off or Bad Bite, then ADDRESS the option of Bite correction. Then decide what to do after discussing all available options.

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