What Causes Bruxism?

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Daytime Question 
Hello Dr. Spainhower! My question is this...I have used you Smartguard for about a year and it has helped me tremendously with morning headaches and neck/jaw …

What kind of guard do you need? 
My dentist has recommended an occlusal guard but my insurance will only pay $100 of the $500.00 a bit costly to me. What do you suggest.

What's the Best Appliance for Teeth Grinding at Night? 
My name is Edsel Guydon. I have previously purchased products via your website for teeth grinding during sleep with pretty good results. I cannot, however, …

How does a person determine which guard is right for them? 
Hi, I have recently been to a TMJ dentist in central Illinois. He diagnosed me with TMJ disorder and wanted to make me a lower oral appliance to wear …

My jaw please help 
My right jaw is.bigger than the other one I really.need help to.find out whats causing the growth please help me!!

small mouth 
I have a little smaller mouth. I am 41 and wear children's presciption glasses. So smaller face. I am looking to try one of the smart guards. I found one …

upper or lower 
I have been advised to get a night guard for my teeth grinding. I cracked a tooth and will get a crown. But they did not tell me whether I should get a …

night guard and or day splint? 
I do not have any pain, but I am constantly flexing and grinding my jaw, especially during the day. I feel like there is something in the right rear preventing …

Popping and locking jaw 
Hello dr. Spainhower, I am a 34 year old female. I have been experiencing jaw popping a lot lately and last week my jaw locked. I started doing some research …

Tmj symptoms after dental work that won't go away! 
Good afternoon Dr. I've been getting some much needed dental work done (Fillings) this year. They started with the upper left quadrant (5 teeth) and then …

numbness in the bottom lip 
My bottom lip had been numb for 8 months and it started right after I went into a really bad sickle cell crisis and the doctors I've seen can't help me..This …

tmj issues 
Hello, I used the smartguard for the first time last night. It stayed in my mouth the whole night and was comfortable. I was just wondering how long …

can improper balanced teeth cause tmj? 
My tmj started when i was chewing food as i was chewing i heard a click coming from my jaw with pain.i don't grind my teeth at night so I went to a oral …

My tmj started a year ago, i had no pain, just grating sounds were coming from my jaw. After sometime the tmj problem dissapeared, i dont know how and …

is surgery the only solution to help my TMJ? 
is surgery the only solution to help my TMJ? Carley

Cpap chinstrap and tmj 
Could use of my chinstrap at night with my cpap machine be the cause of tmj? I am experiencing pain in my jaw, esp. when I bite down. Also, my ENT doctor …

It's been a long time for me. 
I have been dealing with this problem since i was a child. I decided to look up some information about jaw popping and ringing in the ear. I have a herniated …

surgery in two days  
hi i am having surgery on thursday and i am just wondering how much pain i will be in and how long does it take to fully recover?

TMJ and Muscle at back of neck 
About 15 years ago I had an injury to a muscle in the back of my neck to the right of the base of the skull. This injury affected my lower jaw, causing …

Sore jaw, and a few other issues 
I have a sore jaw everyday. In the mornings things seem to be ok but as the day progresses I start to receive tightness in my jaw, it feels like my ear …

Headache and jaw hurts 
When I wake up in the morning I have a headache and my jaws hurts, why do you think this may be happening.

Can TMJ ruin hearing? 
My jaw was broken 40yrs ago. I had no money to set it properly. Now i am in my 60's and I have been diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. I began complaining of …

The Next Steps 
Dr. Spinhower: My dentist has me wear a night guard because of grinding my teeth. I didn't seem to have a problem with it. However a year ago, I had …

32 years of pain! 
My mother has suffered with TMJ headaches for 32 years, now. Every 3 to 5 years, she spends 3 or 4 days a week in the emergency room for pain medication …

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dr. spainhower  
can u tell to me what is my problem in my jaw. couple days ago i pushed something in my jaw then it has a sound then i started move side to side it has …


Jaw Clicking 
I am 16 years old. My jaw has been clicking for about a year now. I now just recently have gotten pains on the inside of my mouth on my gums and around …

TMJ sufferer in Southern California 
Hello Dr Spainhower. I stumbled across your website and am very interested in talking to you. I live in Southern California. 34 male and started getting …

My jaw stuck 
Hello a few months ago my jaw started hurting whenever I went to open it and day by day it became harder to open until now I can't open it no further than …

jaw clicking 
I understand my jaw clicking, which is about a month old following lengthy dental work, comes from the disc not moving with the ball joint. Can exercise …

Dental surgery and chronic ear pain 
I had dental surgery to have an upper left molar removed, the fall of 2010. Within a few months of that I developed a bad left sided earache and slight …

just testing

HOw to get rid of LOck jaw. Not rated yet
Hello doctor, I am Harsha From India, I have been suffering from LOck jaw from 3 and half months, I am unable to open my mouth widely. After getting up …

Could it be possible that I found a possible solution to TMJ headaches? Not rated yet
I have been a chronic headache suffer for nearly 40 years. I have visited many doctors, Physio's, Chiro's, had MRI's, Allergy tests, been on special diets …

jaws Not rated yet
why can't my mouth open wide?

test Not rated yet

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Update: I have recently found, purchased and wrote up reviews on two TMJ Exercise programs. They are similar TMJ Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients. Click here to read reviews on TMJ Exercise products.

That includes all the stress that life brings you...whether it's getting married or a divorce, preparing for finals in school, when your best friend is getting married, when someone close loses a job, or when the economy goes into recession etc.

The second most common factor that causes teeth grinding is an interference in the masticatory system...WHAT?  Sorry for that dental jargon.  That just means that your bite isn't exactly perfect.  Teeth that mesh (or don't mesh) together is what I'm talking about.

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See, the lower jaw bone is called the Mandible.  The Mandible has an upper part (the Condyle) that is part of the TMJ (Temporo Manibular Joint).  When the Condyle is in the right place and at the same time when the teeth fit perfectly together without interferences when chewing, you basically have a perfect bite.  The more your bite is off...the higher the tendency you have to experience teeth grinding.

For treating the bruxism, you can find more about it on bruxism treatment detailed page.

See Teeth Grinding for more info on this subject. Visit the page Mouthguards for TMJ.


Update: I have recently found, purchased and wrote up reviews on two TMJ Exercise programs. They are similar TMJ Exercises that my TMJ Physical Therapist uses to treat my TMJ patients. Click here to read reviews on TMJ Exercise products.

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