Welcome! My name is David Spainhower, and as a TMJ Dentist, I treat patients with TMD. Actually, TMD is the more accurate term for people with Temporo Mandibular Joint problems or issues. It means Temporo Mandibular Disorder. It's the more accurate term for people having Jaw clicking or Jaw pain problems or issues.

TMJ Treatment Your selection of treatment really depends on if you want immediate relief of jaw pain, or relief on a more permanent basis. You can have both, but the treatments may not be the same to achieve both as you'll see.

Either I can help YOU get out of pain, or I can give you the information so that you can help your loved one that IS in pain.

So, throughout the website, (except when I specify it differently), when I mention TMD, it just means someone is experiencing...jaw pain, pain on the side of the face, headaches, earaches, clicking or popping in the jaw joint(s), lock jaw, ringing in the ears (Tinitus), crepitus, or any one of many symptoms that are related to, or caused by, Temporo Mandibular Joint issues.

TMJ Treatment Most of you can eliminate your pain. It will depend on the actual cause of your pains. So, the key is to discover the main cause of your TMJ pains.

The treatments are the same that I recommend to my own patients in my private practice.

We'll go over many of the symptoms to address your specific question, so that you can easily understand what's really going on with your Temporo Mandibular Joint problem(s).